Company Info



  • Based on the Key Peninsula in Washington State
  • offers door-to-door tech support, website management, e-commerce solutions, and PC maintenance and repair
  • servicing the Key Peninsula, Gig Harbor, Port Orchard, Belfair, Shelton, and surrounding areas


Compay Name: RH Tech LLC


  • More than twenty-five years experience working with computers
  • Chief technician is a U.S. veteran
  • Holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems
  • Clients work directly with a single point of contact to handle all communication, repairs and service
  • All work is guaranteed & warrantied

RH Tech’s Friendly Billing Policy

Initial consultations are always free. RH Tech LLC employs an affordable and customer-friendly billing system:

  • Hourly rates for service and support

  • Flat-rate billing available for larger projects

  • Incremental billing for smaller jobs & monthly update plans

  • Detailed, time-stamped invoices

  • RH Tech’s no-risk guarantee: If we can’t fix the functionality, you are not charged for the repair

Backups, backups, backups galore

We keep backups of everything we work on, every bill we send, every website we build or modify. Did you misplace our bill from last year? We can send you a replacement. Did your website get corrupted? We have a backup. Did your database get corrupted? We have a usable backup image for you. Just one of many wonderful side benefits to working with RH Tech LLC.

Ongoing Support

We don’t leave clients without support after helping solve the initial crisis. All work performed by RH Tech LLC comes with six months* of free technical support on the services performed.

*does not cover issues related to server hardware or web host configurations.

On-Call Technical Support

Want an on-call tech support solution? For clients with signed monthly website maintenance agreements, RH Tech offers complimentary email tech support seven days a week. For non-contract work we offer instance-based support, billed hourly.

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